COMP 401: Senior Seminar
[Spring 2011]

Syllabus (in pdf)

How to access personal web space - this is how to upload your web content to Wheaton's server.

ACM's Code of Ethics


Student Web Pages

  • Matt
  • Eric
  • Amos
  • Christina
  • Brandon

    Papers for Wednesday, April 6, discussion

  • amos
  • christina
  • matt
  • brandon
  • eric
  • eric2
  • Papers for Monday, March 28, discussion

  • yuan.pdf - Infovis paper on parallel coordinates.
  • heinrich.pdf - Vis paper on parallel coordinates. What makes this a visualization paper while the previous is categorized as information visualization?
  • Accuracy 2010 paper (doc) - Gousie and Smith. Yes. In doc format!!
  • Accuracy 2010 paper (docx) - same as above, in even better docx format!
  • Project Examples

  • Optical Illusions - Michael Bach's page of optical illusions; reference for Flash 1 project. Note this page is done in Java.
  • Acura TSX - Interactive Flash using various interactive techniques.

  • Flash

  • COMP 161 class page - shows Flash examples and references from last year's Web course. (Don't bother following student links, as these won't work anymore.)
  • Examples

  • Display people data - example in Flash CS4 with ActionScript 3.0 that reads XML data file.
  • people.xml - XML file that contains data for the above Flash movie.
  • Flash CS4 Code for above - reading XML data file using ActionScript 3.0.
  • Using an XML file with Flash ActionScript 3.0 - a description of XML and instructions on how to read an XML file in ActionScript 3.0.
  • naviScroll2.swf - Flash movie that scrolls images in a circular fashion on the x-z plane.
  • naviScroll2.fla - source file for the above Flash movie.
  • Handouts/In-Class Examples cool interaction = for project? (another treemap example) TED video on some visualizations:
  • Introduction to Visualization - PowerPoint (gack!) presentation.
  • Map of Sussex, England - Robert Morden in 1722 edition of Britannia.
  • Visualizing Crowds at a Web Site - animation of network traffic.
  • Sort animation - includes bubble, insertion, quick, and selection sorts.
  • Interactive Data Structure Visualization - various binary tree visualizations, among others.
  • Heap sort visualization - compare this with heap sort visualization in link above.
  • The Baby Name Wizard's NameVoyager - how popular is YOUR name?
  • GeoHive: Global Statistics - repository of statistical information.
  • LaundryView - see if there's a laundry machine available!
  • Census Interfaces - research into systems to more easily visualize census data.
  • Social Explorer - a social statistics visualization in Flash.
  • Parallel Coordinates - brief explanation of visualizing multivariate data using this technique.
  • Cannon Mountain Trail Map - an "interactive" ski trail map.
  • Bromley Trail Map - a different version of a trail map; compare it to the previous applet.
  • Mount Sunapee Webcam - not any old webcam! One the user can control!
  • Discrete Mathematics Applets - a comprehensive list of many, many interactive applets for teaching mathematics and/or showing mathematical puzzles.
  • Social Science Visualizations - a good list of visualizations in various subjects.
  • Manuscript Visualization - Prof. Michael Drout's idea for visualizing medieval manuscript data.
  • Gapminder - click on Gapminder World, 2007 to see a visualization of world-wide income stratification.
  • The State of Working America - an interactive visualization of average income over time, from the Economic Policy Institute.
  • Meet the World - visualization of some statistics using the country's flag.
  • Uncertainty Visualization - examples of visualization projects/research.
  • Viz-o-Matic - Too much visualization?
  • Cartoon - software engineering.
  • Cartoon II - a dig at Microsoft is always good.
  • Periodic Table - visualization of the various visualization methods using the metaphor of the Periodic Table.
  • Mapping Stereotypes - funny look at the way some groups look at others.
  • Jeff Clark - some visualization examples using principles described in class.
  • Game Flow - ESPN's visualization of the scoring of 2010 NCAA basketball game between Texas A&M and Purdue.
  • iPhone Resolution - Edwart Tufte's commentary on the iPhone.
  • Pen and Parchment - Edwart Tufte's talk on medieval drawings.

    More Visualization Examples than You Need

  • The Top 175 Visualization Resources - a whole bunch (175?) of examples and resources in one site.


  • Good start!
  • The Gettysburg Address - Peter Norvig's version of the famous speech.
  • The Power of PowerPoint - says it all, doesn't it?
  • E.T. Does Rocket Science - Tufte's review of the use of PowerPoint in the space shuttle disaster.
  • Key slide of Columbia PowerPoint presentation.
  • Math/CS Department Seminar - example of a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Giving an Academic Talk - some advice about presentations, including what to show on slides, from Jonathan Shewchuck of UC Berkeley.
  • Example of an Academic Talk - a typical conference talk using PowerPoint, but Doug Zongker. Here is the paper that goes along with the talk.

    What personality type are you?

  • Jung - Meyers-Briggs Test
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