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C++ in October
Wheaton College, Norton, MA
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6M -- Mon, Oct 3

  • Q5 - REVIEW QUIZ -- covers all previous material

6W -- Wed, Oct 5

  • summary of introduction to numerical methods
    • algebraic results are not necessarily equivalent to computational results
    • never compare two real's for equality, rather agree on "close enough"
    • always trap
      • division by zero
      • overflow
      • bad arguments to library functions, e.g., ln(-2), sqrt(-3)
      • use explict casting
    • Fencepost problems

  • Web Part III (due this Friday)

  • Lab5 -- Publishing on the Web (bring your Word file holding your paper to lab).

6F -- Fri, Oct 7

  • Web Part III due today
  • your reviews of other papers due next Friday

  • "errors of the third kind" from Real Computing Made Real by Forman S. Acton

7M -- Mon, Oct 10
    October Break

7W -- Wed, Oct 12

  • a3 spec ready; due Fri., Oct. 21

  • input and output Files and C++ streams

  • character input (get) and manipulation - ASCII character code

  • Encryption - PGP

  • Lab6: Linear Regression: The Power to Predict

7F -- Fri, Oct 14

  • Peer reviews due for Web Part III are due today

  • Guest Speaker

8M -- Mon, Oct 17
  • Q6 -- covers loops, files and character input/output and manipulation

  • Reading
  • introduction to user-defined functions
  • Quick Check, Exam Prep

8W -- Wed, Oct 19

  • chatting about NVGP; loops revisited ...
  • more functions

  • Lab7 -- a small suite of your own Functions

8F -- Fri, Oct 21

  • a3 due

  • see Monday's reading
  • more functions and pass-by-value

9M -- Mon, Oct 24
  • Q7 -- covers pass-by-value only (see Monday's reading)

  • Can you (re)do your quiz5 and quiz6 and score well?

9W -- Wed, Oct 26

  • a4 spec is ready (due Friday, Nov. 4)
  • more on Software Engineering, Program4, and Lab7: Approximating e(x) in Logical Steps (in lab today)
  • documenting your functions

  • Lab8 -- Working on the Approximation of e(x) in Logical Steps

9F -- Fri, Oct. 28

10M -- Mon, Oct. 31 (boo)

  • Advising Week ...

  • Q8 - covers number bases and reference parameters revisited (see 9M and 9F entries)

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