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CS1 Labs (C++)
Wheaton College, Norton, MA

  • Lab00 -- ASCII Art and Mobile Phone Logos
  • Lab01 -- Mathematical Equations and the Limits of Computing
  • Lab02 -- bugs, BUGS: Syntactic, Linking, Runtime & Logical Bugs
  • Lab03 -- if-else ... Trapped like a rat
  • Lab04 -- Pair Programming an Extreme Programming Practice
  • Lab05 -- Publishing on the Web
  • Lab06 -- Linear Regression: The Power to Predict
  • Lab07 -- Building a suite of your own Functions
  • Lab08 -- Working on the Approximation of e(x) in Logical Steps
  • Lab09 -- Reference Parameters and Your Own Geeky Libraries
  • Lab10 -- Pretty Maids All in a Row - Introduction to Arrays
  • Lab11 -- DNA Strings
  • Lab12 -- Hey, a real data structure? - Structs et al.
  • Lab13 -- Publish web pages on Ethical Issues in Computing

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